Champlain Arcade challenges and redefines the current perceptions of what gaming is and who can be a gamer.


Champlain Arcade is a gaming magazine that focuses on the projects and interests of Champlain College’s students, faculty, and alumni, as well as the Burlington area and beyond. We celebrate and engage with gaming of all kinds; through this equitable celebration, we aim to challenge and redefine what it means to game and be a gamer. We are committed to expanding and diversifying the gaming community beyond video games and game majors/makers, without leaving either group behind. We provide a platform for the voices and identities that are often marginalized, ignored, or drowned out in the gaming community at large, and generate content that is inclusive and accessible for all readers. We create space for dialogue, analysis, and critique of gaming, the industry, and its communities from a place of love, passion, and desire for growth. Finally, we serve as a venue and tool for gaming communities to expand their image, host events, and reach out to the Champlain community at large.

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