CCE Extra Life 2019

Photo courtesy of Gavin Chambers

On Friday, November 8th at 8pm until Saturday, November 9th at 8pm, Champlain College Esports hosted the annual Extra Life fundraiser in the Champlain Room. The event kicked off with more than 50 attendees. After a quick check-in, attendees were given free reign of the room. If they brought their own gaming system, tables were set up so gamers could plug in and play whatever they wanted. On the other side of the room were scheduled tournaments, starting with the Round 1 Champathon for Google Pac-Man.

To encourage donations, food, merch, and raffles were provided in the back of the space. For eight dollars, guests could select from a variety of offerings: pizza, soda, yerba mate, sandwiches, and ice cream. Beside the food were the prizes for each of the tournaments hosted and raffles that donors could enter. For each two dollars spent, the donor would receive one raffle ticket. For $15, donors would receive a Champlain Extra Life shirt and raffle tickets. For $20, donors would receive a Champlain Extra Life shirt, raffle tickets, and access to food.

Throughout the 24 hours, gamers and their supporters raised $1,551 for UVM’s Children’s Hospital; competed in events for League of Legends, Mario Kart, Jackbox Games, Lethal League, CS:GO, Smash Bros., and more; and came together to support one another through their shared passion: gaming.

Leoluca "Leo" Torrance grew up with PlayStation, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and board games. He fell in love with PC gaming, plays D&D, and is all-around excited to talk about games. The founder of Champlain Arcade, Leo is a senior at Champlain College, and lives in Arizona with his fiancée.

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