III Part 2 | Duel on Board

Welcome to Interesting Indie Investigation, the series where I go through a list of super-niche, unpopular games that I’ve been accumulating on my phone, in an attempt to finally delete the note and come out with an array of new and exciting indie game experiences!

Duel on Board is a one to two player assortment of mini-games themed around the concept of pirates fighting for beer. It’s extremely fun to play along with a friend, or if you’re like me, playing both players on your own...

The art style and music are both cute and polished, and there’s a wide variety of mini-games, giving your brain enough stimuli to keep you from blacking out from the tedium of playing against yourself.

There’s the ping-pong mini-game, the soccer mini-game, and the sword fighting mini-game, but the real attractions are the cannon dance mini-game and titular dueling mini-game.

The dueling game is the best one to start with. It introduces your character’s moveset: shooting bullets, jumping, dashing forward, and parrying bullets with a small shield. The goal is to either knock your opponent off the boat by shooting them until they reach the edge, or to move up enough by dashing so that you can grab the beer in the middle. You can play against a bot or a local competitor, but be warned, it can get pretty intense.

My favorite mini-game is the cannon dance. It involves you and a teammate avoiding incoming cannonballs by either dashing forward or shooting your gun to knock your teammate backward. It involves a lot of communication and planning since moving backward is impossible without a shot from your teammate. It can get pretty hectic, but once you find a rhythm and get into the groove, you can hold out for a pretty long time.

That’s about it; it's a free collection of mini-games, and it’s pretty fun.

Patrick Fagan is currently working on some small solo game projects and videos. He loves drawing, playing games, watching shows, and listening to music. Before Champlain Arcade, he worked on his middle school newsletter.

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