Riot Games Makes Big Announcements to Celebrate 10 Years

On October 14, Riot Games launched their 12-day birthday celebration for what was previously their only intellectual property (IP), League of Legends. Riot hosted streams on Twitch throughout the day, leading up to the 10th Anniversary Edition of Riot Pls, their text and video blog where they talk about the future of the game, the decisions they’re making, and the reasons behind them.

Amid hours of celebrating the success and community of League of Legends, Riot announced that League hadn’t been the only thing they worked on in the past 10 years. Those familiar with Riot and the IP may remember Cho’Gath Eats the World, a minigame developed by Pure Bang Games that Riot published as an April Fool’s joke in 2013. Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup, also developed by Pure Bang Games, was published by Riot as part of the Legend of Legends Arcade celebration in September 2015. Mechs vs Minions, a cooperative board game created by Riot Games, was released in October 2016.

In quick succession, Riot showcased short clips of their projects. Teamfight Tactics (TFT), their take on the auto battler genre, is coming to mobile. League of Legends: Wild Rift, a redesigned version of the base game, is coming to mobile. Legends of Runeterra, a card game based around the world of League of Legends and its characters, is coming to mobile and PC, and is available for pre-registration. Project A, a character-based tactical shooter, is in production. Project F, what many speculate to be a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) based in Runeterra, is in production. Visuals were also shared for Project L, a fighting game in development that revolves around the League of Legends universe, which was previously confirmed at EVO 2019.

Along with new game announcements, Riot made several League-focused announcements. They presented an animated trailer for Senna, Shadow’s Embrace, the next champion for League. They showed previews for Preseason 2020 and announced Arabic language support. They announced the return of URF, a League game mode known for its chaos. They shared a new skin for the champion Karma called Dawnbringer Karma; all the proceeds from this skin will go to Riot Games Social Impact Fund, Riot’s own non-profit. They also announced new albums of music being released from across seasons on numerous streaming platforms. Riot shared information about 10 Days of Gifting, which is an event where players can log on, play a game, and receive daily gifts from October 17 to October 27, culminating in a free Annie-versary skin. They also announced League of Legends Origins, a documentary by Leslie Iwerks that focuses on League from 2006-2017, which is available now on Netflix. Finally, they screened a trailer for Arcane, an animated series launching in 2020 with the aim of expanding the pre-existing League of Legends universe.

On social media, the celebration is in full force. On Twitter, #League10 is filled with stories celebrating the game and its community, content creators are hosting giveaways, and more. On Twitch, fans can connect their Riot Games account for the chance to win drops while watching streams of Riot’s IPs, including access to the closed beta of Legends of Runeterra. On the official League of Legends website, more details about the 10 Days of Gifting have been posted, along with a Ten Years Mural Riot dedicated to League players that is available for download.

Leoluca "Leo" Torrance grew up with PlayStation, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and board games. He fell in love with PC gaming, plays D&D, and is all-around excited to talk about games. The founder of Champlain Arcade, Leo is a senior at Champlain College, and lives in Arizona with his fiancée.

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