• If you are a guest writer and you want to submit an article, please send a brief pitch to for approval. This pitch should include the following:

    • Your name and best way to contact you

    • A brief description of the article you want to write

    • Why does this fit Champlain Arcade specifically?

    • Why are you excited to write about it?​

  • If you are writing an article that has already been approved by the section editor(s) and/or the board of directors, you can submit it via either of the following methods.

    • Email, and the section editor if applicable, with the article as an attached .doc or .docx

    • Share the document on Google Drive with and the section editor if applicable. Make sure that a seperate email is sent, and that both accounts are given full editing permissions.

  • Make sure that you include citations for all research and images. Hyperlinks should be incorporated within the document when appropriate. 

  • Use block paragraphs (no indents, just a new line) and one space between sentences.

  • Use polished language. British and American spellings are accepted.

Created by Patrick Fagan


  • News articles are typically 350 to 750 words. They address breaking news, announcements, and other incidents in both the local and global gaming industry. They typically follow a more traditional journalistic approach, and they provide straightforward factual information about an interesting and current topic.

  • Features are typically 500 to 1500 words. They are “deep dives” into a particular topic or trend. They may be celebratory, positive appraisals; constructive, negative criticisms; or a mix of both. While features may include the opinions of the author, they should be supported with facts and thoughtful analysis. These articles are more along the lines of a traditional op-ed.

  • Events are typically 250 to 500 words. They are either a preview or a review of a specific gathering or event, such as the Extra Life fundraiser or PAX. These articles can blend factual reporting with the author’s personal experiences/impressions.

  • Reviews are typically 250 to 750 words. They analyze a particular game, and address its strengths and weaknesses. They may discuss new releases or established games. 

  • Opinions are typically 300 to 750 words. They may take the form of a listicle, persuasive essay, or anything else that is appropriate to its content. Opinion articles tackle subjective content and offer an evaluation that reflects the thoughts and feelings of the author. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of Champlain Arcade as a publication.

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